What’s all this talk about your womb? “Girl, I just want to be over and done with my periods.” “They can take it; I’m not having anymore kids.” “Periods are dirty!” “Oh, here comes Aunt Flo.”

I’ve heard all the reasons why you don’t want a cycle, but today let me tell you why you need the energy of your most sacred space.

Do you know how magical you are? Yes, you are MAGICAL!

Within you, you hold knowledge that was passed down from your mother, grandmother and all your mothers since your lineage began. Once upon a time women were revered for their knowledge and their abilities to give good counsel so that important decisions could be made.

This is my opinion. As time went on and men saw that women had all this power, men (patriarchy) began a smear campaign that goes on until this day. During menstruation women were said to be unclean and those who encountered her were unclean for a certain amount of time. It was also said that anything she used for bedding was unclean as well. REALLY.

Menstruating and having the ability to co-create with God to bring another being into this world is nothing short of magical.

But overtime women have sunken into this place and accepted the title of being unclean and not realizing the importance of their womb. It is not only the space that holds your unborn child but its also the space that holds your ideas, intuition, spiritual connections, and the knowledge of your ancestors. Knowledge that can be brought forth and used for your greatest good.

The knowledge that you can bring forward is twofold. You can bring forth those things that can help but you can also bring forth the trauma of past generations. It may come in the physical form of womb dis-eases, obesity, and emotional issues not related to you and your experiences. Therefore, it is important for you to connect with your womb energy. To heal not only yourself but the energy of your lineage. Take a moment and reflect on your mother and grandmother and the stories you’ve heard or the first-hand knowledge you have…are you doing some of the same things they did? Are those things for your greatest good? If they are not, do you want your daughter and granddaughter to have the same experiences?

If your answer is no, you are the chosen one and it’s time to heal the energy of not only your womb, but the womb of your matriarchal lineage. How do you get started? I’m going to share with you what I did, and you can take what you need.

• Attended retreats that focused on healing

• Attended retreats that focused solely on womb healing

• I enrolled and completed a course that focused on me and my healing

• I started to share my story with other women

• I had private sessions with a womb practitioner

• I was truthful with myself

• I meditated and took better care of myself

After some years, I became a holistic practitioner to help other women on their journey. That’s where I am in this moment in time. My vision is to educate women on the energy of their womb space and how to use its energy to heal not only themselves but their mothers, grandmothers, and future generations to come. I also teach women that are on a soul-searching journey who struggle with clarifying their purpose and feel disconnected and lost but wants to discover her soul’s truth so she can evolve into her most authentic self.

Most authentic self, what does that mean? I am myself. That was the question and statement I made when I first heard the term. But overtime I learned that on a day-to-day basis, a lot of us put on a mask to get through the day. A smile to say we are ok when we are not. A yes when we really want to say no. Having nonexistent boundaries. The list goes on and on.

When you want to say no and you don’t or when you want to give that outer appearance that everything is ok, what you’re doing is not being who you really are and you’re covering up your authentic self. Sometimes covering up who you are comes easy, because you’ve been doing it for a long time. But I know there is a part of you that wants things to be different. You want to have more of a voice but just don’t know how to start. The issues of your past, the fear of judgement, confrontation or just breaking down keep you silent. Those were the things that kept me silent until my soul just couldn’t accept me being FAKE any longer.

A longing deep from within my womb started to guide me to people and places that helped me along my journey. Slowly but surely, I began to peel off the layers and my magical light from within began to shine brighter.

Do you feel like your light is not shining as brightly as it can? If so, text or call me at 404.939.1312 to schedule a consultation to start your journey to ignite your magic!

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